Very interesting game
In this game my algo is competing against a bit higher algo.
The interesting part is that my algo almost won but eventually the opponent a comeback made and won, although at first side we both didn’t change any tactics.

Yeah I completely agree with this. In a mirror match-up, a change of building an encryptor a frame earlier can make it look like the algo is vastly superior. I’ve been struggling judging the strength of improvement because of this.

[edit] Still very interesting how it is so difficult to tell who is winning. It can lead to ideas of turning around a situation on purpose

it seems like the algo is changing his side of attack with his defense, yet not with his information units, if this algo would have spawned the ping from [13, 27] instead from [14, 27] it would have been an easy win for this algo.
it’s small things like that, that change the course of the game entirely.