Very confused about the end_points param in navigate_multiple_endpoints

All mobile units try to move to the opposite edge of the playing arena. The things that influence this path are where the mobile unit starts, and anything in the current game_state that would influence that path.

The docstring says navigate_multiple_endpoints returns, “The path a unit at start_point would take when trying to reach end_points given the current game state.”

What does it mean for a unit to “try” to reach an endpoint. To my understanding, the endpoint should have nothing to do with the calculation, as the path should only be determined by the starting location and the game state. If the game_state is clear of any obstacles then a mobile unit placed at a starting location will reach exactly the point on the opposite edge. It doesn’t matter if I wanted it to try to reach any other location, because that has nothing to do with anything.

This question I’m sure comes from a very basic misunderstanding of how path finding works in Terminal. Sorry if this is super basic, any clarification would be greatly appreciated.

I believe it is simply referring to the case where the path is blocked. Imagine one entire side is blocked off - then the unit wouldn’t be able to actually reach the end. Instead it would get as close as it can get - the details can be seen in the navigation part of the documentation but it essentially tries to get as close as possible.