Uploading and Replay watching doenst work anymore

Hello, i’ve played >_TERMINAL since 2 days now and im now getting some problems uploading my Algos…
They seem to be stuck on compiling, but offline the work fine (tested with starter algo and it still doesnt compile…). Also if i try to watch a replay of my algo, that IS uploaded it loads infinite long… Playground play works fine too.

Also this is out of context now, but someone here wrote about ranked battles. Did he mean competitions or is there a ranked system?!

Browser : Chrome, with no extensions (at least im aware of)
Internet Connection : 88462 kbit/s Download ; 35432 kbit/s Upload

The stuck on compile issue is on our end. We are repairing it now, your algos should compile within the next 10 minutes

“Ranked matches” determine your Elo score and leaderboard placement. They occur automatically, you can see them by clicking your algo.