Upgrade button missing in Playground?

Are there any special rules for the Upgrade button to show up ?
It was there in earlier today … any new releases / rule updates … or it is just a bug.



It shows up just fine on my computer!

Now, on the other hand, the Sandbox config is still is season 3 setup and doesn’t have the upgrade button, which would be nice to have! (although I could make my own Sandbox config to upload if I bothered)

OK, it turned out to be some really Stubborn cache.
Was not able to refresh it without wiping my whole browser data.

I was able to reproduce it again multiple times:

If you watch a played match,
then, clone the match in new tab function
in new tab, it loads with the “old config” and only shows 3 actions, no upgrade.

if you open the playground after that, it continues to load with “old config”

Only way to go back to normal is to clear all your browser data. normal hard refresh does not work.


there is a configId : -1 added in local storage, when cloning a match, that keep forcing this behavior.


Thanks for noticing this, i’ll have a patch out sometime next week.

Awesome detective work here!

Thanks @Demorf for figuring this out.

As a quick fix, it’s also possible to remove the configId from the localStorage manually. This solved the issue without clearing all the browser data.

Just copy this:


into the developer console.

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Thanks so much for noticing and your debugging @Demorf

The fix went out today let me know if anything else is wrong. It took longer than usual because had some other related code we were working on so had to kind of wait until they were both done.


Just came here to report that this fix went out with todays release, looks like Junaid got mixed up because we had done a release on the same day his fix was completed, but it actually did not make it in.