Updates 12/7/18 (Rust language support)

Rust languages support

Check out the new contender in the starter kit! It’s fast, it’s connected to crates.io, it supports compilation on stable, beta, and nightly release channels! It’s Rust!

Further Changes

  • Big updates to user profile
  • Use display name instead of real name

How do we run local matches of rust and java algos on windows?
I think the run.ps1 file is missing in both case.

By the way, supporting more languages is great!

A small UI nitpick: I’m pretty sure the ‘language’ column always says Python in the leaderboard screen, even with Java or Rust algos. It seems to work right in the competition screen, though.

If I understood them right, they were saying that it was just that nobody was using it yet. My top algo, and number 36 on the leaderboard, Daedalus-0.7s, is written in Java, but the leaderboard shows Python. The same algo is listed as Java in the 2018 Finale competition, though, so something is definitely wrong.

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I didn’t handle the multiple language update, but this seems like it should be a pretty simple fix. I’ll look into this. Sorry about the misinformation on the live-stream, I had seen this working on the competitions page so its probably a leader-board specific issue.

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Sorry for the wait – check out the latest post. If you pull the starter kit, it should make local java and rust development on Windows a lot easier.

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