Updates 1/15/19

Playground Updates

Big Performance Update:

Playground has been thoroughly refactored making it run multiple times more efficiently. Previously, 4x and 8x speeds required frame skipping to run (which skipped over animations and effects). Now 4x speed no longer requires frame skipping and 8x speed only skips 1 frame instead of 3. Lower speeds also run much more smoothly in general.

Attack Animations:

There is now a zapping effect on attacks. Color coded Blue and Pink based on the player the unit belongs to.

Path on Hover in play by hand mode:

When playing by hand while you are deploying units you can hover over information units to see the path they will take.

Hitting the “PLAY” button on the top nav bar resets playground:

If you hit the “PLAY” button on the top nav bar, it will reset the playground instantly. This lets you quickly remake a new game instead of having to refresh the page or navigate to a different page and come back.

Let us know what you think about the changes!


Big big big big big fan of this update :). I can really tell a difference in performance (I am running on a weaker laptop) and it is very nice. Also love the effects showing where units are attacking, very helpful. Nice work C1!


Showing unit paths is a huge boost to testing structure designs! Playground is definitely smoother and the little zaps are cute too :+1:


Hah that looks awesome. :zap:

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Did you guys also make the ranked matches more efficient? My algos (untouched from season 1) never had such insane win rates and as they depend a lot on the real computation power behind the allowed 5s, I thought it could be that.

Big fan of the update. All of them are really nice improvements.

I do have some comments about the visual style of the attack animations though. Currently I think the effect is too over the top and wide, making replays more messy instead of more clear, and gives the game a more childish look in my opinion. I actually quite like the mathy, clean look the game had/has giving clear visuals and a kind of professional vibe. I would suggest to decrease the effect to be closer to just a line, and also have the two ends of the line move together with the units. So that the line origin is Always at the center of the unit. I understand that this is a matter of taste though, maybe you guys really want this look.

[edit]: I think the visual you are using here would be better suited for something that happens every once in a while, not in a place where it is spammed a lot.


Completely agree with @kkroep here, I think the zapping effect would be more clear if it was just a straight line.
Also I have noticed that this zapping affect is not shown when within a frame, a stack of units kills a target and the other units of the stack shoot another target.


sounds great!

Definitely noticed this, you and Aeldrexan have really hulked out :muscle: :fist_right: since the new year, but without even re-uploading anything. :thinking: I’ve been scratching my head at how you suddenly have such a commanding lead. The only other thing I could think of would be that the new ranking system somehow favors you but that seems weird. Better server performance was my guess as well.

I do quite like the effect of seeing where units attack, but I agree that it quickly becomes visually cluttered. Perhaps there could also be a button like the “Show Grid” one that can toggle the effect on and off, since you don’t necessarily need to see it at all times, mostly just when figuring out why things happened and testing.


i think it is a good addition but it should be a bit more suttle and perhabs more on the unit or like a hit instead of a constant beam its a cool idea tho.

i really like the performance update too, but i am wondering is there any plan to change or add units in terminal i think it would make for a more new version for season 2 or like a more refreshed experience.