Update 10/24/18

User page
We have improved the user page

  • Users can now change their name, display name, and primary email on their account
  • Users can register a school email to their account to participate in school competitions
  • This update lays the foundation for additional user-page features.

The new learn tab is split into ‘Tutorials’ and the old ‘Rules and Docs’

  • Tutorials are currently video overviews of the core information you will need to get started.
  • R&D now contains ‘game requirements’ needed to play
  • Added more issues to troubleshooting section in R&D
  • A few other minor changes and clarifications in R&D

Minor changes and bugfixes

  • Users can now view the matches of an algo which has crashed too many times and been ejected from the system, to help diagnos this problem.
  • Minor improvements to various pages for users on mobile
  • Fixed various bugs involving the pink player in play by hand
  • Efficiency improvements to leaderboard queries will make changing pages much faster
  • Various backend improvements

Important Note

  • This update does not contain the fix for the current pathing bug, but we are planning on deploying it in a hotfix later today. The Code Bullet competition will not be run until this is fixed.

Thank you for recognizing the importance of this!

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Any update on this? Will the competition be happening today?

We are expecting to release the pathfinding update this morning and run the competition on schedule