Uoft vs Waterloo registration?

Hi, I was wondering when the registration for UofT vs Waterloo will take place. I got an email that the competition will be held on 20th-27th September. However, I can’t see the general registration link for my other teammates. If I register will my teammates automatically register? If not when will the registration for application start?

here is a link for all competitions:

and I think this is the one you need:

If you have any further question, try to message directly C1Ryan, he is the most active staff member in the forum, and should be able to help you further:

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Just confirming that the info provided by @Demorf is correct.

You and your teammates should complete all steps on the competition page and then check your email periodically to see if you have been invited. Feel free to reach out anytime if you need more assistance.

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Just to confirm, shouldn’t the competition title: “CMU & Waterloo” be “UofT & Waterloo” then. Also when can we expect to receive email invitations for the live competition? Thanks.

Sorry about the confusion. There are many schools participating in each of the events, not just the two in the title. A more accurate title name might have been ‘Ontario & Pittsburg’.

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