Unable to View Old Replays

I’m trying to view some old replays, and it seems there’s a server error when trying to do so. Here’s the link of the match I’m trying to watch.

I can try and download it from the replay API and see if that works.

Update: Tried the API, it fed me an HTML file for the error 500 page. Say, if someone would like to give me a replay of an original Sawtooth match I’d really appreciate it. Or I could just watch the CodeBullet challenge stream.

Season 1 replays were not carried over to Season 2 due to some changes that made them incompatible

Edit: The way we store/retrieve the old replays is incompatible with a newer implementation, the format of the files has not changed

Dang. Is it still possible to get them from the API/view them in the playground with a manual upload?

This actually sounds like a fair bit of fun :). Over the next week or so I’d like to work on a script that would an old replay to the new one. I’ll create a git project and anyone can feel free to contribute. Could also make an updated version of 8’s documentation post.

The replay file itself changed? I was parsing them during Season 1 and haven’t noticed any issues in Season 2.

I can’t say I tested it but I imagine the locally generated replay files would still be valid to upload to the playground.

Yes it does still work. Remember this thread?

I used those to test, it sure does still work

I don’t believe they changed the entire format or anything. I’m guessing smaller changes like player index 0 and 1 instead of 1 and 2, etc. Things that maybe don’t come up in all matches, etc.

Just spit-balling though.

The changes were infrastructure based, relating to how we store/access the files, and are not related to the format of the replay files.

Shoot, I was looking forward to a nice and gentle project :). Thanks for the clarification, nvm about the converter then.