Unable run game in chrome

I’m currently unable to play the game in playground or watch the replays in chrome the figures don’t appear so I can’t see them.
I know there are already several post in this forum and I read though every post regarding this and other problems but I wasn’t able to find anything.
I tried:

  • Turning on Hardware acceleration(which was already on)
  • Clearing cache/hard reloading
  • Using other versions of chrome. I used 69, 68, and 67.
  • Rebooting laptop
  • Turning the fan on for better cooling
  • Installing the newest Java updates. I currently have JDK 10 and Jre 10

Can anyone help? Maybe my Laptop is to old?
My Laptop is a MacBook Pro from the year 2008 with 10.11.6 OSX Intel Core 2 Duo 4 GB of DDR3 ram and a GeForce 940 with only 256 MB.
Thank you.

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I still can not run the game is there any way I can run the game local? I mean with the by hand mode.
Best Marius

Is there any information in the replay files? Maybe there is a problem saving the data and it is not recording unit data…? I doubt it but you can check that by just opening up the replay file in a text editor and confirming it is full of data. I"m not sure if your laptop would be the problem, but Macs are not native to me. You say you can’t see the units, can you see other information updates (like health, bit amounts, etc)?

As a temporary workaround to see something, there is a function in navigation.py that is called print_map() and does just what it sounds like. It prints an ASCII interpretation of the map. You could edit that map and display relevant information. This is definitely a temporary and not great workaround since while the map is useful for debugging, it is not great for visualizing games, but you can give it a shot.

Would it be possible for you to try running the replays on another computer to see if you can get them playing on a different machine? It may help to identify the issue.

There is also another form of ascii representation of the map you can turn on by editing the game-configs.json file and setting "printMapString":false, to "printMapString":true, that will print when you run the game locally.

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First of all thank you very much.
I was trying to replay other games from other people to see if that worked with the link: https://terminal.c1games.com/watch/
I never tried to run/program a game on my own because I could never see on my where/what my programme does.

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