Top player Spotlight

Hey everyone,

With the global top 10 being decided tommorow, we prepared a short video to highlight the achievements of some of our top players who we may expect to see in our final top ten. You can see it on the signed-out homepage of the site, but its pretty well hidden IMO so i’m sharing it here

Good luck to everyone!


What a cool video! I love the eSports-style hype going on, and the acknowledgement of some of the legacy players.

In the interest of factual accuracy (and also just my curiosity) where did people get the impression that I hosted the tournament at RPI? I hope that didn’t come from me because I did not host it. :grimacing:

I became seriously hooked on Terminal literally only a few days after that tournament and was sad to have missed it once I figured out how cool this game was. Would love to have a second tournament at RPI sometime in the undetermined future if there is still interest there.

The line is “KauffK heard about us after we hosted an event at their school”. I do agree that it kind of sounds alot like ‘he hosted an event at their school’

Ah, I jumped the gun on that one. Listened to it again, heard “we” now that I knew what to listen for. Heh.
Well in that case, no complaints. Nice video :+1:

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Nice video! A good overview to head into the final competition and interesting to see how others describe their algos. Unfortunately the suspense is slightly tempered because all matchups in the tournament have already taken place, but otherwise the setup of this event is really cool!

My algos use random exploration, as a result two matches from the same matchup are rarely identical. Most of the time it influences only the length of the match and not the result but sometimes there are surprises :wink:

I hope this will be the case for this event, just for the sake of the suspense :rofl:

Edit: well it did happened! Free_Oracle1.7.3 lost against demux_1.25 in ranked match here but won in the final event
I can rest in peace :rofl: