Tips on countering ping cannons?

I’m assuming “ping cannon” is where a rush of pings target a corner…

I’ve built static (for now) ping cannon that’s performing surprisingly well (At least compared to my other algos), but it seems to mainly lose against other ping cannons.

Tips for detecting and countering ping cannons would be greatly appreciated.

Ok so my best algorithm is a maze-algo, which is weak to ping cannons, so I made a detection system, that looks for breaches on the positions where ping cannons usually breach (upper left of my side or upper right), it also looks for an overuse of pings. Then I remove my other defence and place firewalls (mostly destructors) just where he breached. I attack with ping rushes at the calculated best position, usually I place some encryptors then to. This idea bases on, that ping cannons often have quite weak defence and dont change there attack much either. Heres an example game:

I hope this helps

This ones also quite good:

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I suggest you to take a look at this thread

If that doesn’t answer your questions, maybe you could be more specific with the things you have trouble with?
As for the ping cannon as a main strategy, there aren’t many convenient ways of improving the performance of a ping cannon. As none of the top 10 algos are ping cannons, their performance hit an elo wall (at least in the current ''meta"). However, all the top algos have found their own methods of dealing with ping rushes. Now that there is a bot that uses a ping cannon, a bit of experimenting by playing by hand can get you quite far.