This is a goodbye

Hi everyone!

I feel very sad but I will have to stop the competition as of today. To be short I was already on the edge but I just received some (not so good) news for my studies and I have now to be full time on the issue. It is very unfortunate this close to the end line and it’s a shame that I was not able to finish the latest algorithm I was working on but that’s life for you.

Anyway, the point of this post was to ask you a question: As I don’t want all of my work to have absolutely no use in the end, would you guys be ok if I release some of it?
As I won’t be affected, it can’t be my decision to release/not release all/some of my code.

It has been a truly great adventure until this point and I learned some much thanks to you guys! Huge thanks to C1 to have made this amazing event. I hope you will keep doing stuff like this and if you do, I hope I will be able to take part again!

I wish you all good luck for the end of the competition!

List of the things I could release

  • algos (old/recent)
  • very partial simulators (python)
  • partially complete simulator (python, only 1 squad, there are some identified bugs)
  • partially complete simulator (C++, 1 squad per player)
  • almost complete simulator(C++, any number of squads, the fastest I have and some optimization still can be done)
  • some decision functions
  • replay downloader
  • some machine learning approaches (from the data to the use in algos)
  • not code files but I could explain the ideas behind my latest algos, maybe you could find some things to reuse

Sad to hear that you’re leaving. Best of luck with your studies.
Regarding releasing your stuff, I don’t think you should release the more advanced simulators. Part of the challenge of designing an advanced algo is to create a good simulator after all. Although depending on how basic your ‘very partial simulator’ is, that might be fine releasing.
The replay downloader sounds interesting, could be helpful to some players.
Also I think it would be hear your thought process behind your algos, might be beneficial to both new players and veterans.


Good luck with studies! :fist:


I would propose waiting until January 1st to release anything, since a number of people have been working pretty hard at creating simulators to get their own ‘edge’ in the race and releasing your work may devalue their efforts. Also, I would like to explicitly ask you not to release any complete algos, as this would lead to a large number of copy cats re-uploading them which would warp the meta and be a moderation nightmare.

The C1Games platform is still very early on in its lifecycle, so you can definitely expect to see more from us in the future.

Thanks for joining us these past few months, and best of luck with your studies. Seeing your skills in action, i’m sure you’ll be able to handle whatever has come up.


Please don’t open source your code. I personally could use a lot of those things you listed, but I think it is against the spirit of the competition. The goal is not to figure out the optimal algorithm together but to provide participants with an interesting programming challenge.

Maybe an interesting alternative would be to donate your top algorithm as a bot, so people can use it to practise against? That way your algo is still used, without open sourcing your code.

Good luck with your study efforts! I hope things work out.


I would be open to this, I think its positive for everyone and would be a nice way to ensure your work was well utilized.

@arnby message me directly about this if you are interested


This community feels very nice and I’m glad you got to be part of it. I hope I get to see you in another season. You’re still in the top 10, so I’ll be rooting for you! Good luck with your studies!


Thanks everyone for your messages! I will do my best :slight_smile:

I had that in mind, that is why I asked you, to leave you the choice :smiley:

Ok, I won’t release anything then

I like the idea! But as @RedRyan2.0 said, I am still in the top 10. It is a very very long shot but as there are only 13 days to go, I was kind of hopping that with a lot of luck one of my algos would survive in the top 10 long enough for the final. :crossed_fingers:
That said, I may have something in this spirit. That would be the prototype of a non-deterministic fully dynamic algo I was working on. @C1Ryan I will message you the details and if you think it can be of some use, I would be honored to have it as a bot :smiley:


Bye @arnby, I wish you all the best with everything and hope to see you in the next season!


Great to have you back :wink:

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Goodbye! Wish you all the best!

yeah my mind was pretty set on stopping but some people tried to convince me to finish this competition and work like hell after
Don’t know if it’s a good idea but we will see