The Naming Scheme Thread

Alright, so after seeing algos come and go for almost a full year now, there’s been an entertaining evolution of program names.
This is a place to share the inspiration behind the naming conventions for your algo series!

Some players, like myself and Arnby, have had a common thread or theme throughout many months of algos, while others may implement names for fun (like that emoji nonsense that was popular at the end of Season 1 :stuck_out_tongue:), because the name in some way alludes to the algo style, or perhaps it works in some part of your name or something that matters in real life… or perhaps you just put down some characters in the file name on a whim!

To start, all my algos since the beginning have invoked The Cthaeh, which is a mystical creature in the fantasy novels of Patrick Rothfuss (his website here ) that must be quarantined in a tree due to its perfect vision of all possible futures, and its malicious intent to cause maximum damage to the timeline using only its words spoken to anyone too close to the tree. It’s such an interesting and spooky entity that I haven’t seen often in fantasy, and it raises some interesting existential questions within the works.

Plus, The Cthaeh’s in-story intent of using vision of the future to cause maximum damage reminded me of one of the most essential strategies of all algos, which is using a next-turn-simulator to place your attacking units.

I’m curious, what other naming methods have people been using for the past 2.5 seasons of algos?


Haha, nice I have been thinking about making such a thread. So I have had some variation in my algo names but here are some:
Twas: this algo was active in the middle of season 2, when me and @Ryan_Draves were fighting for first place. I named that algo „twas“ because it stands for „together we are strong“, since it was a combination of all my other algos, just switching against other opponents. These algos were many but the main ones were:
Artificial_stupidity: just because it was quite stupid at first :grin: and
sorry_kkroep: (@kkroep might remember this one xD): because I was using his demux structure
I finished season 2 with „demurx“: I just took „demux“ and added something small, since I added the little arms on the side.
Season 3 I have „raptor“ and in this case I only designed this algo, to hand it in as a Boss and wanted a cool name. :grin:
„The_real_raptor“ because other people have been copying the structure.

Fun fact:
Season 1 when you @KauffK were 1st all the time, until you finally got overtaken by @AdrianM and Sawtooth, I wanted to know what a „Cthae“ was and googled it. Turns out I was interested and continued to read both books, waiting for the 3rd. Can only recommend, very good story.

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My names are much less creative. I use rushv{x}_{y} because I use an aggressive strategy that attempts to win quickly.

I’ll just leave this here. Algos from 2018 were peak creativity when I was still working with my teammate.




For my team, our first algorithm was named IKEA. Our team members are Kyle, Eric, and Austin (KEA), and we saw how close this was to the store name and just thought it’d be funny to add the I and make the name IKEA.

After that we tried to stick to keeping the letters KEA in the algo name. At one point we added a Multi-Armed bandit model in our algorithm, which was when we adopted the name MAAKE (Multi-Armed Austin Kyle Eric). We moved on the multi-armed bandit approach a long time ago, but I quite liked the name and so we stuck with it.

And I see you’re back with Kleanch, presumably following the same lettering convention. Neat.
Will you be registering for this week’s tiered ranking competition? There are a few hours left to sign up for this week and you’re in a strong position on the leaderboard as one of the big five in the 2200+ club, but I don’t see you signed up in any of the tiers.

Wasn’t really aware of the tiered competition until you just now. Thanks for pointing that out, I’ve just registered :slight_smile:

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In terms of naming, I’m curious what the relation is between your recent ‘Iwannacopy’ named programs and their function. Is it any machine learning or replay analytics?

No, it’s nothing that cool unfortunately, I’m just trying other peoples strategies at the moment. Currently yours actually, hope you don’t mind hehe

@Blonded is your naming series theme anti-me? :rofl:

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We all need goals in life, even algos! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I personally regard @arnby 's Oracles as harder to beat, depending on how fast the game server is running. On a good day, when he can pack in enough simulations into the 6 seconds, it feels like those things can solve any problem :sweat_smile:

But thanks, I think :joy:

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