TerminalX Online Competition

Hey everyone!

Many of you many have noticed the new “C1 Terminal X” Online Competition on the competition page. There are a few things that are going to make this one special.

  • This competition will be running a custom game-variant. The rules won’t be too different from what we are used to, as we figured we would start small. However, algos that do take advantages of these rule changes will have an advantage, encouraging players to create a custom algo specifically for the competition. The special rules will be revealed when the competition begins, and any algo uploaded for the competition will play ranked and playground games using this special ruleset. Algos that are not playing on the ‘season config’ will not be counted on the global leaderboard.

  • We have heavily updated our application flow, and players will have to apply and be invited in order to participate in the competition. This is an important step towards our goal of connecting our users who are interested in job opportunities with companies interested in hiring them.

  • We have added a written Problem Solving Report requirement, which will allow you to discuss your process and highlight the skills you used when working towards your goals for the competition.

  • We are hiring a software engineer, either an intern or entry-level fulltime position, and will be sourcing candidates who complete the more rigorous application process involved in this competition. Performance, your PSR, your resume and your algo’s code will be considered, among other things.

  • We are trying a more ‘active’ approach to online competitions, to make them feel more special and cool. We will be having an opening stream, a mid-competition stream in addition to the standard closing stream where we stream the results

If you are interested in applying to participate, you can do so here: https://terminal.c1games.com/competition/c1terminalx


I’m curious about the dates involved for this (and other) competition(s). After submitting all stages of the application it indicates that there is a review process. I’m mostly curious about the start and end dates. The “thank you” page does not have any date information, and the main competitions page has a date in the top left of it’s box, but it’s not clear to me whether this is a start or end date. I feel it would be helpful to have some information about when the competition starts, as well as some indication of an expected response time regarding the invitation for the competition. Very excited about all of the changes, btw, thanks for everyone at Terminals hard work :).

Thanks for the feedback! I brought it to the frontend guys.

We are having an opening stream sunday at 3pm and hold a mid-term stream thursday the 28th at 6pm.
As usual, algos will be due sunday at midnight and we will have our final stream monday at 6pm.
Keep in mind that all times are in ET, New York time

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