Terminal Update 11/7/18

New Feature: 'Fork Gamestates’

  • When watching or playing a game in playground, push this button to open a play-by hand vs play-by-hand game with a copy of the current game state
  • The game state used will be from the ‘start’ of the current turn selected on the slider
  • This feature is useful for seeing if a game is still winnable after a certain state, playing around with a ‘setup’ without having to wait 20 tunrs, or taking control of an algo to see if a different strategy would lead to an improvement.


  • Various updates to the mobile front end, including improvements to the myalgos page.
  • You can now see your leaderboard position above the leaderboard.
  • You will see a notification prompting you to compete your profile (upload a resume)
  • You can now see 100 matches in your match history, up from 20

Rules and docs:

  • Included a few more sections describing most undefined behaviors, including information about resolution order within a frame of the action phase, damage, and encryption
  • Included a section on “Requirements” needed to use the platform, with links to downloads.
  • Added information about time limit to rules and docs
  • Other minor fixes and changes


  • Improved Competition algo selection UI. It should be much more clear when you submit an algo to a competition
  • Improved competition page. Only ongoing competitions that you are eligible to join are shown by default.


  • Warnings should be much cleaner and more descriptive, better overall
  • Fixed 2 bugs. Remove units were being added to the map incorrectly, get_target was passing a unit instead of a unit_type to is_stationary, causing it to always return false.
  • We are now accepting open source contributions. See the ‘contributions’ folder and license.md file
  • Misc minor improvements

Sorry for the disruption of service when deploying this update, it was larger than anticipated and something we will work on fixing for future updates.
More of the much-anticipated matchmaking changes to come at the end of this week or early next week.