Terminal Update 11/2/18


  • New button to download a replay after a playground game
  • Added buttons to skip the frame to the start of the next/previous turn to the playground
  • Added location in user page to upload a resume. We already helped players at live events job offers and first-round interviews. This is our first step to connecting our online users to our partners. More on this to come!
  • The my-algos page is now available on the mobile site

More matchmaking improvements and more to come next week


Really really like this feature! Very useful, since I do this a lot.

About the resume, I’ve been wanting to ask about the extent and purpose of networking with terminal. As a student, I am quite interested in finding opportunities and I’m wondering what role C1 is taking in this process. You’ve mentioned C1 has hosted on-site locations in the past and use these as talent-seeking spots for companies. How is this facilitated? Are these potential connections with C1 itself or other organizations? How can I fully reach out in this process? Thanks :)!

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This is a very ‘business’ question but ill give my best answer as an engineer, sorry if it is lacking in any way as this isn’t my area of expertise

C1s core goal is to connect top tech talent with our partners. We have had a ton of success doing so with our other products, which you can look into on our site https://www.correlation-one.com/

Facilitating these connections between our players and partners is one of our top priorities. We started out by focusing on our live events, as they are more familiar territory for us. (We run a number of live datathons). We are now starting to build out the features needed to connect our online users and help them earn these opportunities.

For now, the best thing for you to do is to keep competing and contributing to the community, and upload your best resume. We will eventually have some way of indicating that you are looking for opportunities on your user profile page.

I was actually hired onto the C1 team after winning our first Terminal Game Night. Most of our opportunities are going to be related to our partners since we are a pretty small team, but terminal-related achievements would look really good on a resume if you were looking to apply here.

Allowing users to view their algos on mobile is really helpful. The only thing is when you select your algo you can’t see its elo which could be handy if you want to check on it whilst out and about.


Thanks for realizing! We’ll fix it on the next deploy monday.

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