:blue_emp: Terminal Config

I created 876584635678890.github.io/#config, which retrieves the current config from C1’s server for you.

You could also do this by starting a local match and then printing the config from your algo, but I found that to be quite cumbersome and it could potentially be out of date if the online engine ever changed its default config.

If anything about this is not fine from Correlation One’s side, I can remove it any time or you can make a pull request on GitHub if you e.g. wanted to only have the favicon removed.


This is cool. Our plan is to ensure that the most recent config is always contained in the starter kit, and we do not plan on changing it often. Users will be able to git pull from starter kit to get the most recent config, but this method is cool as it guarentees that the config being used is always the same as the ones on our server.
Great job.

I was wondering if this should be included Terminal Community Contributions. Retrospectively it is rather useless because you can always find an at least somewhat current config in the C1GamesStarterKit.
At least I used it all the time because it seemed convenient to me. Looking at it now, it only has a single noticeable advantage, which is the coloring.
That said I made this post because it seems like I cannot edit the original post to include the link to the C1GamesStarterKit version, which seems like a good alternative.