Terminal Competitions: Full Details

This post provides a complete overview of how competitions work. If anyone has additional questions, ask here and I will amend the main post.

Competition Overview
All live competitions have a unique special ruleset, requiring players to create custom algos specifically for the competition. This special ruleset will become available at coding start time. From this point until the submission deadline, your goal will be to create the most powerful algo possible. You can iterate on your algo by watching the results of matchmade games it will play against other players in the competition, or by playing against our bosses.

After you submit your final submission, it will be seeded into the final competition bracket. Within the next few days, we will stream the top games from this competition bracket, and release all of the matches that were played, which will be visible on the competition page.

Core experience
A majority of your time will be spent viewing random match-made games against other players, challenging bosses, and trying to determine your strengths and weaknesses to improve your algo. As your algo plays random matchmade game, is rating will change based on the glicko2 rating system. Algos will play other algos of similar rating.

Your objective is to submit your most powerful algo by the time of the deadline, which will then face off against other algos in the final bracket. Rating has a small impact on the seeding for the final competition, see the final competition details.

Competition Format
See this post

Prizing changes from season to season. In Fall 2021, the prizes are as follows:

  • Top 4 teams earn $1500
  • Every win in the final 4 round robin earns an additional $1000, see competition format.
  • The champion wins an additional $2000, see competion format
  • An additional $1000 will be given away in the boss raffle, which you can enter by defeating bosses.

Misc info

  • You are allowed to work off of past algos that you have created. Anyone is allowed to practice and develop core features by playing terminal online, publicly available anytime.
  • Never share an algo outside of a competition team. Prize winners are rigorously investigated. If you are concerned that you fall into some kind of grey area, or have an unusual situation, message me on the forum or on discord.
  • During a competition, all users are expected to be present in the competition discord channel for important updates, announcements, and reminders. Its also the best place to reach me directly. Join the C1 discord by clicking this link.


  • For competitions requiring enrollment in participating universities, student enrollment status will be verified with institutions before prizes are distributed. If you are in a non-standard situation, message us beforehand to ensure you are eligible to participate.
  • Any issues will be resolved at C1s discretion
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