Team ... roles?

Trying to get my head around how temporary teams can work.

I know there are few people that are working already as a team, from the same code base,
but for most of the players it will be hard and often not favourable to share their code.

So what are the options to contribute to a team then?

Here are few roles I can thing of. Please, feel free to add to the list, or point out your personal strengths:

Main Coder: a player with a well structured code base, able to quickly implement new ideas.

Sparing Partner: Secondary coder, that might not have the best code base, but is able to mimic top players algos for internal testing.

Brute force tester: the ability and tool set to find and refine concrete attacks for specific situations, like countering cannons.

Data analyser: Looking trough the big set matches data, to find weak spots and opportunities.

Match analyser: some one with good eye for strategy, noticing weak spots and opportunities in a match.

Team Lead: setting the priorities, facilitate comunication, keeping the focus on the imporatn things.

I think it will be also interesting for top players that are not able to fully commit to this tournament,
to join a team with a more secondary role (not contributing to the code itself) and mainly focus on Stratrgy, create some tools for data analysis or just mentoring.

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