Suicide damage?

Hi, when I played the game by hand, I noticed one thing that’s not mentioned in the docs. When an Information unit has nowhere to go but to collide with firewalls, they create an explosion, which greatly damages the firewall units around. Does somebody know the damage characteristics of these suicide attacks? Thanks!

It actually is in the docs under the pathfinding section. Here is the information:

If an Information unit’s path is completely blocked, it will go to an open space closest to the opposing edge as described above in pathing logic and self-destruct. The self-destruct only damages enemy units and has a range of 1.5 (every adjacent square including diagonals). The damage dealt to each affected enemy is equal to the starting Stability of the self-destructing unit. However, self-destruct damage will only occur if the unit has moved at least 5 spaces before self-destructing.