Stuck in "UMICH competition" mode

Hey so everytime I login it says that I’m in Umich competition mode instead of the normal season 4. Can someone please help?

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Not sure if this is the case, but you may try to leave your active competitions:

me too! please send help

Sorry I dont seem to have that option =(

I guess I’ll go play starcraft II until someone notices us. Justice for Protoss!

I’m stuck in it too and was never signed up for the UMICH competition …

@C1Ryan - any help here?

Likely it is only the people who weren’t in that competition that are now stuck in it! XD

Not sure if you are all talking for the same thing here,
@n-sanders, you have an active match recently in S4:

lastMatchmakingAttempt: “2019-09-25T06:17:59.510Z”

Are you not able to submit new algos, or some part of the site is not working as expected …?

is any of you involved in a team ?

From what I’ve seen so far, it mainly affects the algos list. The ones that I’ve uploaded previously are still playing, but the algos tab only show me my “UMICH” algos (which I have none) and any algos uploaded would be for that competition.

Sounds like you are not affected by this, right @Demorf?

I’m not on a team. I did go to the competition page to watch UMICH matches, but not sure what else I could have done to trigger this state.

No, everything is fine on my side.
I just had something similar when finishing Season 3, I was in the S3 Final competition,
and was not able to play S4 normally … until I left S3 Finals Competition.

Try to double check the competition, page, may be you were added by accident or some group invite went bad …

This is Terminal Live: UMich 2019 link, check if you have LEAVE button somehere:

Good thoughts, but looks like it’s something behind the scenes that has me in it:

Hey, I’ll fix this now. No idea what could cause this yet, but I assume the issue will reveal itself pretty quickly when I get looking

Fixed, looks like some users were added to a ‘test competition’ on prod. Deleted the test competition. Let me know if any more issues come up

I can confirm it’s fixed for me know.

Regarding the test competition, I noticed it in the competition list during the limbo period following the end of S3 algo submissions when I was bored and had nothing else to do but wait. I seem to recall like 20 of us signed up for it despite it clearly being a test competition (but it had a $2k prize!) :smile:

Oh interesting, someone must have accidently made it visible to users at some point