Stream time change

We are expecting a large number of new players joining us very soon after we announced the waterloo competition, our largest live competition yet. To reduce the downtime of the site for these new players, the following times have been adjusted:
The leaderboard will be snapshotted and our top ten chosen Friday January 4th at 4pm ET
The stream will take place Sunday January 6th at 5pm ET

We apologize for changing this, but ensuring a smooth experience for our new players was an important consideration, and we expect it will not have a significant impact on the experience of our existing players.

If you are in the top 10 or are expecting to be in the top 10 and want to substitute one of your lower Elo algos instead of your leaderboard one, message me before midnight on Friday and we will use the algo you ask in the final stream, we want to make sure to see everyones ‘best in show’.