Stabalizing Compute Time (Again)

Hey everyone, I’ll be deploying a change in our servers so that each algo will now get half the resources of CPU and Memory.

We tried this before but due to other bugs it didn’t work well and led to crashes.

Going to try it again, after testing a bunch of stuff and tweaking.

Against algos that don’t compute much you will get less compute than before, but against algos that do compute a lot, should be about the same compute as now. Overall should be much more consistent.

Also please give feedback readily. I can tweak things accordingly for example only provide CPU limiting but no memory limiting or turn it off again if something goes wrong.


Just to clarify, since this can be read in two ways: Each algo should now have access to half the CPU/Memory available on the machine they are running on when playing games on our servers. We have not reduced the resources being used to play ranked matches or the size of our servers.

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