Spontaneous crashes in ranked play?

Spontaneous crashes in ranked play?


I’ve seen two or three matches like this one in the last day or two; unexplained turn-zero crashes that I cannot replicate. Is something funny going on in the match servers? Anyone else seeing this?


Same here.


Sorry about this, I can confirm there was a server issue yesterday. Let me know if it continues. If it does not, we can consider this resolved.


I think it’s still happening, I’ve just had 6 double crashes in a row on one algo. And a double crash on two other algos.


Oh snap, ill check it out


There were definitely some issues with servers dropping and restarting, but i’m not 100% sure that was the cause. Let me know if anyone has had issues since 8pm ET yesterday


two recent crashes:


Another here:




Another, a few minutes ago: