Spontaneous crashes in ranked play?

I’ve seen two or three matches like this one in the last day or two; unexplained turn-zero crashes that I cannot replicate. Is something funny going on in the match servers? Anyone else seeing this?

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Same here.

Sorry about this, I can confirm there was a server issue yesterday. Let me know if it continues. If it does not, we can consider this resolved.

I think it’s still happening, I’ve just had 6 double crashes in a row on one algo. And a double crash on two other algos.

Oh snap, ill check it out

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There were definitely some issues with servers dropping and restarting, but i’m not 100% sure that was the cause. Let me know if anyone has had issues since 8pm ET yesterday

two recent crashes:

Another here:


Another, a few minutes ago:

Alright, i’ll put some more serious time into this and keep everyone posted. I haven’t taken an in depth look but for now it seems correlated with server issues we were having August 12-14 and which started up again on the 18th.

For now, i’m going to do some basic maintenance (turn it off and back on again) which fixed things for a few days last time. I’m hoping to have time on Wednesday to dive in and make a more proper fix. I’ll keep everyone posted. If anyone is affected by this during a competition today i’ll roll back the point changes and re run them.

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Are the spontaneous crashes related to the inconsistency in time per turn?

I seem to remember hearing that if an algo takes longer than 3 seconds during start up, the engine will kill it with fire and say that it crashed. Is that accurate, @C1Ryan?

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@n-sanders It seems like something worth investigating, thanks.

Just keeping you guys up to date, I did standard maintenance (Read: Turn it off and on again) and also fixed an issue with the configuration that I believe was at least partly responsible for the server issues. Last time it took 3 days after maintenance for issues to start again so ideally things should be smoother for some time.

I hope to follow up this quick fix with a more in depth fix later this week, and hopefully handle server issues more elegantly. (Throw out the game instead of letting one algo crash, for example, would be a significant improvement)


Thanks, for the update.

Do you have any insight as to why this has been a new issue in Season 3?

Guessing at random here -
Has there been a change in server hardware? Or an increase in the number of global matches? Or just more of us doing complex things with our algos?

It shouldn’t be because of our algos, right? I would think not since it crashes before we run our algos against each other.

Yeah I would say, (with as much confidence as I can claim to have considering I don’t develop the game) that it’s definitely not us. A good sanity check for crashes, especially in the early turns, is to replicate the game exactly by hand in play mode. If you play against your algo, build exactly whatever your opponent built in that one turn, and it doesn’t crash, it’s not you. (And helpfully, if it does crash, you get to see the debug report.)

There are a handful of things that could have caused it. I was already pretty booked for today/tomorrow so I didn’t spend much time investigating. I shouldn’t share too much until its looked into in more depth later this week, but I have a few ideas.

Don’t know if it’s the same issue, but another 0 turn crash:


Last few days it hasn’t happened so it seems to have been resolved when Ryan changed some server settings. I’ll be keeping my eye on it though.