Small Patch June 10th

This is a small patch mostly covering technical things

  • Audited the API and patched a few more endpoints that could be exploited, similar to the ones @zenka found recently.
  • Fixed an issue that could rarely cause algos to be stuck compiling forever if there were connection issues when uploading it.
  • Fixed a rare issue that could incorrectly mark two algos as ineligible to play a ranked match against each other if there was a connection issue when we attempted to run the match.
  • Handled some maintenance things like dependency management

The next patch will be releasing tomorrow around noon. It’s a big one, with a large frontend update to the competition detail and user profile pages. We are very interested in feedback of course, so feel free to check it out tomorrow afternoon and let us know your thoughts.

Hoping to also handle a few outstanding forum issues within the next week or two.