Sign up for C1 Webinar with causaLens (7/23)

Tomorrow, C1 is welcoming Darko Matovski, the CEO of CausaLens for our Data Science @ Work x CausaLens Webinar.

The Webinar will take place at 2 PM ET.

CausaLens is a London based startup that leads causal AI research and pioneers a completely new approach to time-series prediction. They hold that causality is a major step towards developing true AI and they transform organizations by autonomously discovering valuable insights that optimize business outcomes.

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The Webinar will cover topics including:

  • Darko’s data science career journey
  • CausaLens’ data science team and the functional applications of Data Science in finance/ tech industries
  • Different data science paths and how to apply for open roles at CausaLens

Hope to see you there!