SHOWS a deledt algo on the leaderboard but not my best one

at leas for me it says my bes algo would be one called nr2.unfortunatly i cant upload 2 images so i cant show it
does anyone have an idea why?

Are you referring to the global leaderboard, or the “Kickoff competition” leaderboard?

to the global competition

You are participating in the 2021 Kickoff competition, so the algos you are looking at are competition-specific algos and are not considered for the current season leaderboard.

You should see a large banner at the top of the screen saying you are in competition mode.

This should wear off after the competition ends in a few hours.

thank you now i understand. but now 2 of my algos are not showing under my algos anymore an one off them is showing in the competiton.Why and is there any way to get them back?

and the one its now showing is one i have deleted and the same it showed on the leaderboard

Now that the competition has ended, you are now seeing your seasonal algos. Your competition algos are not accessible outside of competition mode.

I agree that this is unintuitive and it can be unclear what is going on. I’ve added a ticket to our backlog to investigate ways to clarify this user experience for future competitions