Servers down notice

The site was unable to compile my algos for 8 hours now… I wish there was at least some indication how long won’t the servers be working.
Please add just a simple notification whenever you are doing some stuff with the servers. I was waiting for 8 hours and still have no idea why and how long…

btw there is also a chance I’m the only one with this problem. But I don’t know, because you don’t announce this stuff.


Servers have been down quite frequently, due to the large influx of players. The moderator said that they should be applying a permanent fix within the next week, hopefully it becomes more stable by then.

One way to check if servers are down is to keep an eye out on the leaderboard section. Keep refreshing, and if you don’t see the number of matches increase over time, the servers are probably down.

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It sounds like your uploaded algo got lost in space in time. There is a rare bug we should have fixed today or tomorrow where a task gets lost and doesn’t get restarted, if your algo fails to compile after 5 min it might have gotten lost and if you reupload it, it should work fine within a few min.