Sentdex Complete

Hey everyone!

Huge shoutout to RuberCuber, winner of the sentdex competition, and to all of our other winners and participants.
Also, apologies to Iwanawin, who was using the ‘twas’ algo, which I didn’t recognize during the steam, but is one of our top players.

We will be putting up more competitions shortly!

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Oh, don’t worry about that, if it sounded like a complaint in the twitch chat, sorry I just found it kind of funny.
Also thanks for the tip you gave me during the stream, it gave me an idea.
Congrats RuberCuber btw.

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Thanks Ryan, also congrats to all the other contestants and prize winners.
I was actually very surprised that my algo did so well in this competition. This algo is still a season 1 algo, and I haven’t been optimising or coding much for Terminal recently, so it was quite unexpected for me that it did so well. Perhaps the point you guys brought up in the stream about the meta shifting away from maze algos allowed my algo to perform better. It could also just be due to luck, my algo playing other algos that just happen to be ones mine could beat. I’m starting to wonder maybe I should go back and revisit my Track algos once more (I have been slowly developing a new series of algo), since they still might perform well in the current meta.