Sentdex competition deadline

today on terminal I saw that I had to submit my algo. I was expecting another day to work on my newest one, because I saw this email sent to me:

Hi ReallyBadCoder,There are only 48 hours left until the algo submission deadline for the SentDex Competition! Submit your algo by Sunday February 10th at 11:59pm ET to compete.

Has the deadline changed? Or is this a bug? I currently have a meh algo competing in the sentdex competition, and it would be great if I had another day.

I thought that the contest was sometime later today too but apparently can’t submit my bot anymore?

Well there was a countdown, but don’t worry, if you haven’t selected an algorithm, your best one (the one with the highest elo) will be chosen automatically.

The countdown is the best way to check I think. I messed up this time too, as I thought I had 12 more hours (which is the difference between 6AM and 6PM local time). So I couldn’t submit my new algo (as it still had bugs the day before). Guess I’ll hold my cards till the next season competition :")

Phew, a lot of players dodged a bullet with that one right ? :joy:

When does the Sentdex competition actually take place?

Well the games until the top 8 should be played anytime now, maybe this evening or tommorow evening. (I’m in Germany, dont now when that would be for you)
And we all got an e-mail saying the top 8 player games will be streamed

6:00pm ET on Tuesday February 12th

Cool. Best of luck to you.

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The top 8 in the competition will be streamed at on Tuesday February 12.

For anyone who did not submit an algo, your highest Elo algo will be entered into the competition when we start running games today at around 2pm. If you want to submit a specific algo, you can delete all other ones to guarantee the one you want to use is chosen