Self Destruct Steps Required not being enforced

@C1Junaid - The self destruct steps required values are not being enforced based on this match:

On Round 6, P2 spawns pings at [0,14]. They take two steps - [0, 13] then [1, 13] - and then self destruct destroying two destructors. And again at Round 13, pings are spawned at [0, 14], have nowhere to go, and self destruct immediately taking out two filters.

The unit information in the config at the top of the replay file seems normal:

	"attackRange": 3.5,
	"selfDestructDamageTower": 15,
	"cost2": 1,
	"metalForBreach": 1,
	"display": "Ping",
	"selfDestructStepsRequired": 5,
	"shorthand": "PI",
	"playerBreachDamage": 1,
	"speed": 1,
	"attackDamageWalker": 2,
	"getHitRadius": 0.01,
	"unitCategory": 1,
	"selfDestructDamageWalker": 15,
	"startHealth": 15,
	"selfDestructRange": 1.5,
	"attackDamageTower": 2

So it looks like this is the game engine that’s not enforcing the required steps correctly.


Thanks for the heads up, we will adress this soon

This should be resolved

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