Seems like bug, but maybe due to multiple tabs being open on "My Algos" page?

I’ve noticed on occasion, after editing an algo, in the web browser, it sometimes appears to clone the algo, leaving basically the older version and newer edited version. This also happens sometimes, when deleting an algo, to upload another one. The last algo, or an algo with the same name(like an older version) as the last one on the my algo list will populate the final slot, not sure if this is becuase I will sometimes have multiple tabs open on the my algo page, or if anyone else has run into it. I’m on chrome Version 87.0.4280.88 (Official Build) (64-bit) on Arch Linux. Not really sure what causes it, it doesn’t seem like it’s reported. but I just went to delete an algo, and it looked like a copy(maybe not code wise, but name wise) then populated the last algo slot, that should have been empty. I had to delete that as well to upload an algo in that slot. It’s happened to me a couple of times, it doesn’t seem regularly occuring. I can try and replicate, it and submit screenshots.

Thanks for this, will investigate soon. Could you give me the name(s) of algos that have had this happen to them so I can look through the logs and see what happened?

Yeah the ones I’ve noticed it on were my IDHC, ENODEV and NOTENODEV, those are the ones I modify the most, so I guess it would only make sense that i would experience it with those. The one that specifically happened today, which had me start this thread. I deleted IDK, and noticed a second instance of NOTENODEV pop up in the last algo slot, that should have then been empty.

I guess the weirdest thing i noticed was that the copy that popped up in the last slot had a ranking like it had been playing games, but my algo slots were all full until i deleted IDK.

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So it just happened again, I was editing notenodev, and after saving it there are now two copies of it. I did not upload a second copy, just editing the through the web editor. Not sure if you found anything about it or not, and like I said i don’t think it’s a serious issue. It might have happened about an hour or two ago, I just noticed it though checking my algos page.

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