Season Transition Rating Reset

Due to some issues with recent changes to the rating system in Season 6, we will be resetting rating during this season transition period, as discussed here. We originally planned to reset ratings starting in Season 7, but decided to use this system for the first time now instead to address the previously mentioned issue.

To facilitate the additional time we expect it to take for the rating to stabilize, we are extending the end-date of the transition period and the stream date by exactly one week, from September 3/4 to September 10/11. See the updated details here.

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The season transition has begun, and ratings have been reset. I will be increasing the amount of games played, expect around 50% more games during the season transition period.

Note: Match history will NOT have disappeared. You will still be able to view replays for any games that took place prior to the transition. Your algo will be able to rematch algos that they played prior to the reset. Algos that have played against one another after the reset will not rematch.

Do you by chance have the exact time when the reset happened?
Duplicate matches will be a bit annoying in the tracking tools, it will be nice if we can separate the new matches by something.

P.S whats up with this Boss Challenges (are the fully operational ?)

I’m surprised by how many of the rematches had different outcomes, I guess multiple algos have significant randomness. Maybe the playoffs should be best of 3? Although that would be boring for the the matches that play out exactly the same.

The yellow squares indicate multiple matches with conflicting results. (Image from Felix’s tool:

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I don’t have an exact timestamp but I posted the first update immediately after, 1:17 would be an extremely good estimate.

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The yellow sqares actually only indicate, that more than one match happened between the two algos.
Originally I thought that I don’t care about these rare cases, but because the match history was not reset, this behaviour is now expected to happen a lot.
I might improve the tool, to show more details in these cases.


Ah, good to know. I would certainly be interested in this.

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I looked into the code and you original post was acually correct. I didn’t implemented it this way intentionally, but its actually true. Since that’s the case, I think it should be enough to just display links to both matches.

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I updated the tool and it now shows all matches between two algos.