Season 7 initial bugs

Short list of bugs for the first day of the new config:

  1. Encryptors/Factories are giving shields. (Resolved)
    config values do not meter
    This is true for auto matches, and for latest engine.jar

  2. Engine.jar has test prints of before starting a local match: (Resolved)


  1. Playground matches work only in Hand Play vs Hand Play. Anything else gives error and does not start. Replays play properly. (Resolved)

  2. Docs are not fully updated (Resolved)

  3. Match making seems slow, and stops at times. (Resolved)

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There are a couple of mistakes in the rules page:
Walls have the wrong amount of health (30 instead of 90).
Factory upgrade shows the information from last season.

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Hey thanks for pointing these out, the test one is definetly my bad.
Suprised about the shields going out, will look into this.
Will fix the rules page today as well.

Thanks for the feedback everyone!

Matches may have stopped? I recently uploaded an algo and it hasn’t played any matches.

I’ve been getting matches, just very slowly

I just got one, but it took about 15 minutes.

1 and 2 are done, 3 will likely have to wait until sometime tomorrow unfortunately.

Playground should be back up. Ill do a quick bug report since I know these are appreciated by our fairly technical community

Why did playground break?
Our test servers are constantly restarted, destroyed, and recreated. Production is not. Each time we upload a new engine or config, some information is cached and uses up some storage. The server ran out of space on prod and docker crashed. The solution was the good old ‘unplug it and plug it back in’, but I wanted to make sure we had correctly identified the issue so we could be sure not to exacerbate the problem, and to ensure that we knew what the issue was before losing information about it.


Docs should be updated as of yesterday afternoon

I suspect matchmaking should be fixed by now. Will investigate and confirm.

Matchmaking works well enough for me, got matches played almost instantly after algo upload. Playground also working smoothly except for the bosses. Thanks Terminal team!


Happy to hear this, thanks for the report

Note that I do not get new notifications for edits, and will not revisit this post without a notification as all bugs reported on it are currently resolved. Add a new comment for new bugs. Also, I edited the main topic directly just now to indicate that everything is resolved so people dont need to dig through the entire conversation to see that


Possible bug? losing health at the start of the round seemingly for no reason. Happens at round 3 and 4.

I also had this happen when I was testing out some algo strategies. Turns out my algo was taking 100000ms to compute the last turn and kept losing 30hp on certain rounds!

Check this out:

I think this is the issue but not really sure why we lose HP when it takes a long time though (possibly a penalty??)

OH that makes sense, anyway that was the case

Once you exceed 5999ms per turn, you take 1 damage per second. This is on the rules page, but the limit (which would normally say 5 seconds, since they use a floor() on the time), says “NaN seconds”

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“Players will have 5 seconds to submit their commands each turn, after which they will begin taking 1 damage per second.”

This is what the rules and docs says for me, does it still say ‘NaN’ if you refresh?

After a refresh, it starts out as NaN and then updates to 5, after 200ms or so! So working now!

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