Season 7 Finale Details

EDIT: Dates have been adjusted, see discussion below

Hey everyone,

We have finalized the details for the Season 7 Global competition.
This post will discuss entry, tournament structure, eligibility, and rewards.
This is similar to previous season finales

Sunday, December 27th at 11:59PM ET will be the final submission deadline for algos. After this period, algos will continue to play matches with each other and have their rating adjusted. In the afternoon on Monday, January 11th, the leaderboard for season 7 will be locked in, season 7 matches will stop, and season 8 will begin.

Prizes and Competition Structure.
The total prize pool for this competition will scale with the number of players who upload a season algo in the season.

<500 entrants == $500
500-750 == $750
750+ = $1,000

There are 2 ways to win.

  1. Round Robin Groups
    Players will be broken up into two groups:
    5 players with odd rankings and 5 players with even rankings.
    All players will play against all other players in their group.
    Each win awards $20/$30/$40 for a total of $400/$600/$800
  2. Grand finale
    The player with the most wins in their group moves to the grand finale.
    In the case of a tie, the player who won the most matches among the tied players moves on.
    In the rare case, this does not produce a single winner, the rating will be used as a tiebreaker.
    The grand finale winner will earn an additional $100/$150/$200

We will be streaming the games Wednesday, January 13th, at 6pm ET and run until around 8pm ET. As always, you can view the stream on our twitch channel .

Eligibility and Conflicts
Conflicts and issues will be resolved at C1’s discretion.

As always, please ask any questions or raise any concerns below!


Is there any updated info on how the submissions, transition period and final ranks will be handled for the upcoming season finale? If not, when can we expect the changes to be finalized, thanks.

Thanks for asking,

We will be running this season the same as we have previous seasons. I know there was some discussion about changes we were hoping to make, but I have had to focus a bit on projects other than terminal recently due to biz prioritization.

I’ll adjust the main post

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Thanks for clarifying, so there will be no rating reset during the transition period like in Season 5?

We am currently not planning to reset ratings, as this was a largely manual process that was necessitated by some issues we were having last season.


Aren’t games stopping to early? I thought they were supposed to stop on the 4th


I noticed that too last night, it seems like Season7 granted i think i noticed ELO ratings change after the season 8 leaderboard and my algos page go live, and of course already got some people uploading season 8 algos lol.

Season 7 matches stopped already?! Most of the newly uploaded algos played less than 40 games!

Hey everyone,

Games accidentally stopped on the 1st.
I was on vacation and did not noticed games had stopped until today.
I am pushing back everything one week, to best fit my schedule.

Cutoff will be 11th, stream will be 13th. Main post has been updated.
Sorry about this.

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It stopped early again

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Thanks for the heads up

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