Season 7 Balance Patch released

After a very crazy first two weeks, its definitely time to reign in the power of the factory unit. We expect it will still be quite strong, but that their will be a higher potential for strategic diversity with these changes, as well as some quality of life improvements.

We meant for the factory to be strong on release. We bumped their power up a bit from our target, which would already have been more powerful than it should be. We have increased cores from the factory + to compensate for its higher cost, 7 turns is way to long to play from behind before getting any value from it
Cost 4 --> 7, upgrade cost 4 --> 7
Generates 2 SP per turn instead of 1

Interceptor range was increased in previous seasons, as it was a weaker unit at the time. With higher bit availability, it is too easy and consistant to spread scramblers in a way that they intercept most enemy attackers.
Range 4.5 --> 3.5

Initial SP was limited this season to prevent large numbers of factories being built early. However, this also reduced your ability to defend against them proportionally, so the end result was basically just that it is very difficult to create complex defence. This change is not being made to adjust the power of any unit or strategy, but to make it so that you dont feel so starved for SP in the early game
Starting SP 20 --> 40


Thanks for this balance patch! I agree with all of the changes. The factories being so expensive makes them still worth it, but you need amazingly efficient defenses to afford them. I think this will enable dynamic algos to show off their efficiency.

My original style of making algos will not work at all with this efficiency problem in mind. Maybe I’ll try my hands on an idea in this season :smirk:


With the new config, are you also resetting global matchmaking or ratings in anyway?

Ratings will move towards their correct ‘true’ rating over time anyway, most of these algos are designed for the wrong config and wont be winning many games. I dont think this reset would be neccessary