Season 6 Finale + Season 7 starting

Within the next few hours, the season 6 transition will end and terminal will become available again. An update will go out on Monday which will change unit names, icons, and include a significant config update for season 7. Prior to the release of this patch, terminal will be playable on the season 6 config. Ranked competitions will begin the following week.

Note that due to the addition of new config variables, some algos may need to be updated to be compatible with the new config.

As with previous seasons, players in the top 10 of the leaderboard should message me on the forum with which of their uploaded algos they want to participate in the finale. Please do this before noon on Friday (ET)


Hi! When does Season 7 end? How long is one season?


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Those details should be posted tomorrow, but generally each season lasts around 3-4 months or so

Each season runs for ~4 months, so 3 seasons a year. We expect this one to end around early January, but this is subject to change based on various considerations.