Season 5 Launch!

Season 5 is now live with a bunch of changes! But lets recap some updates that occurred near the end of Season 4 that you might have missed:

  • Coding in the browser now live. Just hit “Edit Code” in the playground with the algo you want to edit playing. Works very fast with python algos since they don’t need to compile.
  • Can now login and signup with just an email making it easier to bring in your friends. Can also attach a github to the account later if you like. Email changes also now require a confirmation email.

Now onto the new Season 5 features:

  • New Upgrade System: You can now upgrade your firewall units. Details are in rules and docs. This should allow for some new base layouts. The feature was coded in such a way that with just config changes one firewall can turn into basically any new firewall unit, though for now we are using it conservatively.
  • Completely refactored Game Engine and Config: This means for live and other competitions as well as future seasons we can completely change the game way more than we could before. If you have any ideas for game configs changes let us know! For those of you wondering where I’ve been, it was in the trenches rewriting a ton of code and prepping for this season.
  • Starterkit starter algos have all been updated to be able to handle the new changes, be sure to checkout this PR: Java and Rust algo had some major refactors as well with java algo now matching python algos updated strategy.
  • Weekly Tiered-Competitions that we tested in Season 3 will return be on the lookout for them!
  • Frontend features such as public user profile and Live Competition related features will come as well!


  • Some docs like the ones at haven’t been updated yet, but the new config and changes shouldn’t be too hard to understand until then.

you can upgrade more than the cores (becomes negative) in the playground, then in the action phase the upgraded unit that couldn’t be upgraded disappears.

Would they be new bosses that would be using these new features?
(The bosses are currently crashing, btw)

Ah right upgrading the bosses… Should be able to before end of next week. They will use a little bit of the new upgrade features at first but we will likely have better ones as time goes on in the season.

That’s actually a pretty neat way of removing units instantaneously. Downside being not getting the refund and can only do it with low amount of cores

Hotfixes that just went out though may need a bit for them propagate and update all the servers:

  • Frontend + backend issue where you could upgrade when you didn’t have enough bits and it would delete the unit.
  • Java algo had some compilation versioning issues that were merged into the starterkit branch, and our workers were updated. Make sure to re-checkout java algo if you pulled in the last few hours.
  • Old bosses will now no longer crash. Expect new bosses next week.

I’m seeing this error when running test_algo_linux:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/home/owen/src/terminal/C1GamesStarterKit/python-algo/”, line 472, in
File “/home/owen/src/terminal/C1GamesStarterKit/python-algo/gamelib/”, line 74, in start
File “/home/owen/src/terminal/C1GamesStarterKit/python-algo/”, line 43, in on_turn
game_state = gamelib.GameState(self.config, turn_state)
File “/home/owen/src/terminal/C1GamesStarterKit/python-algo/gamelib/”, line 76, in init
UPGRADE = config[“unitInformation”][7][“shorthand”]
IndexError: list index out of range

Ah that’s because the replay Test Algo defaults to is one of the old replays. Replace that file with any Season5 replay and it should work…

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well you’ll have to make it count and it’s only one after it becomes negative

The instant remove when you upgrade was a bug. I hotfixed it from playground and the ranked engines yesterday. Just now, updated starterkit master branch with the new engine version (forgot to update it to the hotfix yesterday). So if you pull or redownload the zip it should work as intended.

So the bug should be gone now, let me know if it is still happening.

I just pushed a replay that works with the new config.

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I get a crash with the same error message as @owenvt got, when I let two algos play in the playground (only player 2 crashes though)
This happens even if I just let the starter algos play.

Try hard refreshing your browser (ctrl shift R or cmd shift R). Someone had similar issue due to the frontend cacheing stuff. LMK if it works.

Yes that worked, thank you!

Will the Season 5 prize pool money be announced in advanced?


I’ll aim to share details related to the season 5 finale within the next few weeks, and will start up the automatic competitions at that point as well.


Any news to share yet?

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We worked out most of the details internally, I just need to wrap up testing for fully-automated competitions and we will make the announcement and roll that out. Automated competitions will not be used for prizing online this season, but will be used in successive seasons.