Season 5 Finale Visualization of top 10 players

I really liked the visualisation @max1e6 did for season 4.

I thought that a graphic like the ones you can see in the thread I linked could now be automatically generated by using the updated leaderboard query (includes userIDs) together with the query for getting algos from a user. But this is just an idea.

I am planning of doing this during the next days, but I wanted to ask first if maybe someone else is doing the same thing or something similar?

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This map is mostly interesting for competitions with fixed number of players (Season Finales, also may be the weakly competitions).
So may be skip the boxy map … and make it something more dynamic presenting the information and progress over few seconds, will make it more interesting to watch.

I’m glad you liked the visualization. I ran my code for this season and here is the result. I’ll probably run it again once the leaderboard settles down and do some manual hiding of algos that are not relevant. Figure_1

I don’t plan on making a website using this new endpoint, so go for it if you’ve got the time!


Thanks @max1e6 for your updated visualization.

I was already half way done with it when you posted your image.

Here is the tool I quickly build together:


What is different to yours @max1e6 is that I only show algos that are still active.


Very nice! One little thing, from my data it looks like eagle_310 and mazer_emp_test_40 played multiple matches, with both wins and losses, so you might want to include an option for a mixed result in your visualization

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Thanks for noticing this. I added now a yellow field for that case.

Is the code not handling teams quite right?

The Yellow Geese’s “Allin” is their top algo on the leaderboard right now, but not showing up in the top 10 matrix


It’s also not showing Team: a(l)go at all.

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Thanks @acshikh and @owenvt for noticing this. There were actually multiple issues with should now be resolved.

But now there is another issue that I dont really understand:
Matches from algos 104201 and 104111 (Both from Team: Yellow Geese) return an internal server error. I’m not sure if this issue is my fault or on the server side.

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Mind updating? Now it’s for season 6 (I’m pretty sure there is an api for each season)

By definition any 5xx error is the server’s fault, not yours!

This api call does not recognize the season 5 parameter in the query like the leaderboard api does.
If you know how to get it to work let me know.

Anyway this is the latest save I did from this visualisazion. It was about 5 minutes before the end of season 5.
A_B tracker_10.html (268.0 KB)

I just noticed, that when viewing it results from season 6 algos will start to overwrite the results. This can be eliminated by deactivating the internet when watching this html.


Thank you thank you!

It looks like you did that with a “save as” and if so could you zip up the whole folder of files? I got mine to work by manually downloading the missing files from the live website, but I’m still missing the user icons!

Here are my visualizations for the odd and even brackets, edited to remove algos which probably won’t be played.

s5_odd_bracket s5_even_bracket

And here is the raw unedited matrix


I’ll be letting :rabbit2:_10_1_D play. The raw matrix shows a loss to SIM_2_1, but that’s due to the random nature of this algo and it’s cousins (none has an advantage in that regard), so that result isn’t guaranteed.

Against my better judgement I’ve left the randomness throughout this season - which has given me a chance in just about any match up but leads to unexpected losses from time to time :upside_down_face:


Do we get to choose our own algos to compete in the finale or is it the ones we see on the leaderboard

If you send a message to @C1Ryan with the algo you want to run, I think he’ll let you switch it. The default is your top algo.

Part of me thinks that’s a system that could be abused (I believe he started allowing it last season), but it does parallel what we’re able to do for the auto-competitions, so I won’t speak against it too much.


Can confirm that this is correct, we have been doing this for a few seasons. Specifically, the algo needs to be one of the algos that you have uploaded and active at the end of season 5. Anyone in the top 10 can message me directly if they have more questions!

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A_B (546.0 KB)
This should work now.

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Heh, same should be an interesting final (I could win between 0 and 3 games)