Season 3 - Major Updates

Hey everyone!

In preparation for Season 3, we are releasing a few major features and improvements:

Playground Configs

You can now choose which config to use when playing in the playground, or upload your own!
The config changes simple values in the game like how much health and resources players have, and the stats of the units.

There are four types of configs you can use:

  • When you are in a live custom-config competition, you will have the option to select the competition’s config in the playground. If you do not, it will be used by default.
  • Season configs are the standard config for the season. They are always available and will be used by default when you are not in a competition.
  • Playground configs are special configs we make available for all players. By default, we will always have a ‘Sandbox mode’ available. This mode will always be identical to the season config, but players will have virtually unlimited resources. This config will become available later today.
  • Custom configs are configs that you can upload yourself. You can edit the game-config.json file in your starter-kit and share custom configs on the forums.

Official Team Support

You can now create a team on your profile page, and invite other Terminal players via the email attached to their account. Players on teams will be able to enter competitions together and have access to a shared ‘team algos’ tab on the my algos page, where they can share 6 additional algos. For now, ranked games will be enabled for both solo and team algos for players on teams, but we will be monitoring this and are open to feedback.

Global Problem Solving Report

The problem solving report, PSR, is a way for players interested in job opportunities to share their achievements in terminal with potential employers and highlight their skills. For anyone interested, you will be able to upload a PSR for the global competition, though it will not be required.


The leaderboard has been improved to show more useful information, and now pulls user icons from their github
Other visual improvements across the site

As always, all feedback is appreciated.
Best of luck on the leaderboard for the remainder of season two!


I have never dropped 200 EMPs at once before
this is great


There is a bug with cloning rounds. It never loads and in the console there is error: TypeError: Cannot read property 'config' of undefined at p.initializeSocket (playground.js:343).

Also I’ve noticed I play sometimes multiple times against same algo. I don’t know if it is bug, or if it is purpose. Funny is when you once win and once loose :smiley: (,

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Why are there two Maake‘s on the leaderboard, shouldn‘t that be forbidden?

Sorry, one of my teammates was studying the replays from the previous account last night, so I figured I’d wait until this morning to delete all the algos off the old account, which I just did :slight_smile:.

All good, I was a bit confused. How many people are in your team? (just out of curiosity)

3! Austin and Kyle (my teammates) helped build our simulator and most of our infrastructure leading up to a live event. Though after that event they both got very busy so I’ve been doing most of the development for the global competition. They still like to track our progress though and have some tasks they work on for the project.

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Thanks for letting us know, ill have it fixed soon

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Why are there two again :face_with_raised_eyebrow: ?
No wait 3 ???!

Hey sorry, we’re doing some last minute testing. Right now if you upload an algo as a team, you can’t play that algo in the Play section, so you have to upload the algo as your own if you want to test it against bosses or previous versions of your algo. We’ll be deleting the extras shortly

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Yeah ok, all good. Cya in the finals then (i hope)

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This is an oversight on our part, i’ll add this in very early on in season 3, as it is definitely not ideal for team algos.

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My team algo is showing up when I click on the leaderboard, is this supposed to happen?

Yes, currently team algos participate in the global competition alongside solo algos.

sorry, I meant not showing up