Season 2 Grand Finals stream starting soon!

Hey everyone,

We are getting ready for our grand finale stream, check out the best of the best Terminal players from season 2 at Watch live at 6pm ET, or checkout the full video anytime after.

Here are all the final replays:

Surprising defeat of the near perfect top demux simulators, as mentioned appear to be optimized vs each other rather than vs corner attacks:

Hydra win vs X2: Turn 24 -29 scramblers, and Turn 37 blocked path would have been good moves vs another demux:

Athena win vs Maake near-perfect gameplay was perhaps the biggest surprise?

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Athena is quite interesting. Definitely not who I thought was going to Maake it to the Next round, it was quite the surprising tournament.

I swear I have at least 5 separate checks to stop attacks that block myself off, but I was never able to track down that last bug and gave up…

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Yeah I definitely think that our MAAKE algo was overfit to defeat other demux strategies and I kinda ignored the more general case. Will have to fix that issue going into season 3. Good games everyone!


Yeah I wasnt very prepared for pingcannons either but I also got destroyed a bit because of the group. In win against way more algos that were in group 1 but oh well :neutral_face:

It looks like my choice of final algo had changed things a lot)
All my algos win against HYDRA_AE_2.1 (except v0.88)
But v0.88 had better chances against NEXT and LIVINLARGE algos.

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