S3 Transition Update

The home page and top navigation bar have been updated with improved visuals and a warmer color scheme. The new newsfeed will make it easier to stay up to date with announcements and updates.

Not sure if it is supposed to be live, but Season 3 does not seem to be fully functional.
I can upload algos, and they list (and fight ) in Season 3 leadersboard … but no matches are listed.
And Season 2 algoes are still in the upload list.

No, I think it’s a bit early, shouldn’t season 2 still be going for about 8 hours?

Edit: Tbh I don’t think the leaderboard needs more time to develop in season 2, but just saying

You are right,

On May 3rd at 4:00 PM ET we will take a ‘snapshot’ of the leaderboard, the top ten players at this point will be entered into the global competition finals.

But currently I am able to remove and upload algos … (my Season 2 algos jumped in ranking so I guess other people are doing it too)

New uploads go to season 3, curreny sparing with Isaac, for 1st and 2nd place :slight_smile:
(no match history is displayed … it seems to happen in the backround)

So … some things are already unlocked and it is a bit confusing, thats why I posted here

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Hmm yes, maybe @C1Ryan can clear some things up here

Sorry everyone, there was a mishap where the season transitioned at the incorrect time. We have just deployed a fix so it should transition officially at the 4pm time originally planned.