Rounds for the C1Ryan challange are being released

Hey everyone,

The C1 Ryan competition rounds are being released. I made a very dynamic algo but in my hubris, I did not leave myself enough time to properly test and debug my algo, so it is really pretty bad, mostly due to 3-4 critical bugs/issues. C1Junaid did pretty well though so at least one of us actually challenged you guys.
(Its not supposed to always do a left EMP line, there is a bug that seems to always make my algo choose that strategy.)

I’ll probably try to regain my lost honor by fixing it up and climbing the leaderboard sometime within the next few weeks. For now, enjoy the competition and best of luck everyone


Some highlight matches:

@C1Ryan’s ‘slumbering_giant 3’ getting knocked out of the competition by Daniel’s ‘slider 0.2’ in 21 rounds:

I look forward to seeing slumbering_giant 4 rise in the coming weeks!

Round 1 Top 20 Losses:
ZigZagNinja(Highest elo: 1833)'s algo ‘thelad’ beat Carpetscratcher(Highest elo:2027)'s algo ‘starter-algo-ZIPME5DA.I’ in 65 turns -
hello_World(Highest elo: 1740)'s algo ‘top_ten_6’ beat Lorxu(Highest elo:2044)'s algo ‘icarus-0.7b’ in 34 turns -

Round 2 Top 20 Losses:
MilanLR(Highest elo: 1893)'s algo ‘PythonSmasher3DA.I_V1.18’ beat AdrianMargel(Highest elo:2013)'s algo ‘shield’ in 37 turns -
tu7q(Highest elo: 1628)'s algo ‘_terminal_Project_v3-1’ beat irondeau(Highest elo:1981)'s algo ‘LABYRINTH’ in 100 turns -
arnby(Highest elo: 1955)'s algo ‘backToStart3.0’ beat Aeldrexan(Highest elo:2237)'s algo ‘Aelgoo53’ in 18 turns -
Tim314159(Highest elo: 1882)'s algo ‘Line_5.1’ beat IWannaWin(Highest elo:2034)'s algo ‘yeetv4’ in 22 turns -

Round 3:
n-sanders(Highest elo: 2191)'s algo ‘Morphling’ beat KauffK(Highest elo:2051)'s algo ‘Maze_of_Cthaeh_2.1’ in 16 turns -

Top 20 Losses:
LegitimatePotato(Highest elo: 1766)'s algo ‘noot-noot’ beat janis-s(Highest elo:2105)'s algo ‘oh-no_m_v03’ in 19 turns -
ragealot505(Highest elo: 1957)'s algo ‘DAMION’S.ALGO.BETA’ beat ParadoxRift(Highest elo:1979)'s algo ‘Hydra_AE_2.1’ in 30 turns -
xp20(Highest elo: 1910)'s algo ‘A4V1’ beat Alex M(Highest elo:1978)'s algo ‘rush_v4.4’ in 36 turns -

Round 4
mmhuman(Highest elo: 2169)'s algo ‘mhuman_top_23’ beat Team jason (jjs)(Highest elo:2003)'s algo ‘LUL’ in 23 turns -
Junaid(Highest elo: 2046)'s algo ‘madroxfactor4’ beat n-sanders(Highest elo:2191)'s algo ‘Morphling’ in 16 turns -

Top 20 Losses:
Tim314159(Highest elo: 1882)'s algo ‘Line_5.1’ beat LMaldaz(Highest elo:2131)'s algo ‘Practice_dummy_tweak3’ in 58 turns -


The top 8 streaming tonight are:

From the Top20:
mmhuman(Highest elo: 2169)'s algo ‘mhuman_top_23’
leo_physics(Highest elo: 1981)'s algo ‘ActorV6’
RuberCuber(Highest elo: 2264)'s algo ‘Track-3.4’
kkroep(Highest elo: 2115)'s algo ‘KeKroepes_3.28’
Junaid(Highest elo: 2046)'s algo ‘madroxfactor4’

Outside the Top20:
Rank 102: hello_World(Highest elo: 1740)'s algo ‘top_ten_6’
Rank 48: Tim314159(Highest elo: 1882)'s algo ‘Line_5.1’
Rank 39: xp20(Highest elo: 1910)'s algo ‘A4V1’

Of the 8, only 2 use maze strats:
A4V1, Track-3.4


Wait C1Ryan got knocked out first round? That is extremely underwelming… I was hoping for a fresh new idea to challenge the current meta. Maybe C1Ryan got really unlucky and met his kryptonite 1st round.

[edit] I didn’t read C1Ryans post properly, he already explained there where bugs.

[edit 2] I hope to see a much better slumbering giant appear in the top 20 one day. Good luck climbing!

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cool I’m in the highlight reel :smiley:

GG C1Ryan. Didn’t expect to be able to beat you because my algos have been dropping in the leader board recently. I hope to see the next iterations of slumbering_giant, as it looked like it had some interesting tactics in mind.

Ya, ill look for some interesting matches to highlight during the stream and talk about what my plan was and what went wrong.

It seems your adaptiveness was in your defense, as opposed to many others who have adaptive offenses. Very interesting, and can’t wait to hear about it

It actually has a few different attack patterns it can choose, each of which are ‘dynamic’ and can look pretty different, but something broke so it always chooses the default attack pattern. Ill share alot more during the stream