Replays not showing up in my algos

When I upload a new algo I can’t see any of the games played. My results show 0 wins 0 losses but my rating gets updated. Is anyone else experiencing this?

same here! I only have matches that were played before 2019-06-20T02:04:19.140Z

The tiered competition backend changes were some of the largest we have put out in some time, it seems likely that that is what broke things. Ill put out a hot-fix today, this is obviously a very high priority

Quick update: Looks like critical functionality is working fine on the backend. We believe matches are being run and rating updated as expected. Matches should be viewable again later today.

Update2: We found the issue, and have a fix. Hot-fix will be released later today.

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Everything seems to have gone well, everyone should be able to see their matches within the next few minutes