Removing algo that is participating in a tournament

So I want to remove my algo currently participating in the 2018 final tournament and replace it by a better one. Would anything happen if I were to do this? just making sure cause I don’t want to suddenly have no algo participating or something along those lines.

Also while I’m at it, whens the stream for said tournament going to be?

I’m pretty sure that removing the algo you submitted for the tournament would mean having no algo for that tournament.

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Ok, I guess I’ll wait then

The stream will be tomorrow, 12/18 at 6pm ET.

The competition deadline was yesterday, so algo’s have already been seeded and matches have been run. In general, algos submitted after the competition deadline are ineligible to participate, and algos cannot be changed after the competition deadline. It used to be possible for algos submitted after the deadline to be ‘autofilled’ in if you did not select an algo and it was your highest Elo algo, but this has been patched.

Removing an algo after the deadline but before the tournament is run will result in you being removed from the competition, do not do this

I kind of liked having the highest elo bot “autofill” for the competition, as it ensured you got to compete if you forget to submit by the deadline.


Ok good that I asked, thanks

This feature is still in, but it will never choose an algo that was uploaded after the competition deadline. Note that this is a very recent fix and does not apply to the finale, and since the global competition is operating with different rules it will not come up until 2019 competitions.

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