Removal of firewall units

Hi, can anyone pls help me, I am stuck and my algo won’t remove filters.
I am using: game_state.game_map.remove_unit([23, 12]) to remove a filter at [23, 12].
However, nothing gets removed when I see the replay.
I also used attempt_remove but that only “flags the filter to be removed” and doesn’t remove it.
How do I remove a firewall before doing something else in the same turn?
Thanks very much.

This is correct.
When you use attempt_remove, then the firewall will be flagged to be removed and at the beginning of the next turn it will be gone. It is not possible to remove a unit immediately.

Official Terminal Rules: “Firewall that are selected to be removed will remain active in the arena for one turn marked visually with a glow and then disappear from the arena after one turn has passed.”

Oh ok thanks so much.