Remake of Elo Tracker and Features to Come

Hey guys it’s been awhile since I was last active but I’ve got a lot of time now and I plan to allocate a good portion of to helping this community by building tools and maybe even writing articles about winning ideas, history, and player interviews which I think would be a lot of fun. But first elo tracking changes.

Elo Tracking Changes

Planned new features

  • Date filtering. I would like to add date filtering as an option to the players games but the Terminal API doesn’t keep track of when the matches take place. If this ever changes I would be happy to

  • Player Elo Tracking. So far I’ve added elo tracking per algo but it would be really useful I think for players to track all their algorithmns at the same time. Still putting together a plan to implement this feature

  • Accurate and not approximate elo tracking. Algorithms elo in the api are updated along all matches played to equal the current algorithms elo instead of the algorithms elo at the time of the match. This makes it so that calculating elo isn’t possible. If this were to ever change I’d also be happy to make this change

As always pull requests and change suggestions are always welcome and I want to thank @876584635678890 and @Demorf for the work on the previous website. All changes made with your help were transitioned over to the new sight.




Looks proper. Love this new UI, looks way cleaner.