Random crashes in ranked battles [PLS FIX]

On some ranked games my algos randomly crash on turn 0.
I’ve done tons of testing, but I can’t figure out where the problem is.
I have a suspicion there is something wrong with the servers…
Even though it’s posible the error is in MY code, I have no way of figuring out where, because the reaplays don’t store the console messages and errors.

Plese add at least a simple info box saying on which line the problem occured when an algo crashes.
(or help me dig trough my code)

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I can corroborate this.
All of my algos have had these crashes every so often since I started playing weeks ago.
I even attempted to find the problem by watching the replay, battling against my algo by hand in the playground, and making identical moves as the opponent in the replay made, but in the playground my algos always work fine. Only in leaderboard matches will they occasionally crash on turn 0 for no discernible reason.

I can confirm that this was an issue on our end. After investigation, we seem to have found the source of the issue. We just deployed a fix for this, so it should be happening significantly less often if at all. If you notice it again, let us know here.

To clarify, the symptom that was experienced by users and which we believe is now fixed is that Algos would randomly crash on turn 0.

Sorry for letting this slip by - We had a large number of users submitting algos that always crashed which muddied our metrics. We are working on a system that will remove algos that crash very often to improve overall match quality and our ability to detect this sort of issue.

Adding crash reports to replays is something we are looking into the best way to do, but would probably require a restructure of the replay file which touches a few other systems, so that is a relatively low priority right now but definitely something we also want to add.


Hey C1Ryan,

adding on to this, the system flagged my algorithm to be crashing yesterday and prompted me to remove it. However, while in the playground, it works perfectly fine.

The only difference I implemented for this algorithm was importing pickle to write some persistent data.

May I know if that caused any errors, or is that a glitch in the system?

I am having a similar issue, my programs are crashing online but are working fine in the playground

It seems fairly unlikely that your algo hit this error enough times to trigger our crash cleanup unless the problem was around for longer than we realized, but it is possible. The best way to make sure is to just re-upload it now, we believe the error is resolved.

Are they crashing on turn 0 with very little runtime? Is it happening very rarely, or very often?

Against other player’s algorithms, they always crash at turn 0, but in the playground, they are completely functional
It started crashing when i made it write to files, but it works fine locally and in the playground which leaves me confused.
There is also an issue sometimes when i enter the playground where everything hangs at turn 0, but I think that is a separate problem as it is not limited to my program, just happens sometimes when I attempt to run anything, even two bosses fighting.

I’ve been experiencing this too, even when one of the players is played by hand. Reloading seems to eventually fix it, although it can happen multiple times before it goes away.

When you write to your files, I imagine you are probably using a path that no longer makes sense when run on our servers. We recommend using a relative path when writing to files.

We are aware of this issue and are working on it

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i’ve done research into the relative path, I am inexperienced in programming in general, and i will try again. Thanks

It might be worth thinking about whether you really need to write to files as opposed to storing variables in a more conventional way. We love when our users do special or creative things like this, but it may not be helpful and cause unnecessary frustration for a beginner.

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thanks i managed to get it working in the end in a multidimensional list

Can we confirm that this issue is completely resolved? I appear to be having the same problem with my algo: I am getting crashes like this turn 1 frame 2, even though I do nothing on the frames.

Also, I am marked as having excessive crashes even though it only happened twice in 100 matches. What is the rate that marks algo’s for crashing?