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I honestly didn’t know how to title this, I know in the past C1 has been kind of strict on sharing of code, since Season 8 will run indefinitly and Terminal Global is being de-prioritized, would it be possible going forward, if say some of the users wanted to do videos and tutorials of coding using terminal, for the game, and potetnially sharing code I remember finding a blog/github where a guy went over how he constructed an algo etc. He noted that you guys reached out and kind of said you’d prefer him not sharing his full algo code to maintain the games integrety. I understand if that is still the case, IDK i think like someone going through their process of making an algo would be interesting. Or really just being able to put full algos out on github. I guess the question is with Termianl Global being de-prioritized will C1 be less strict on code sharing moving forward?


What is the goal ?
I too feel this code sharing restriction is blocking some of the potential of the platform…
But on the other hands, when C1 updated the Python-starter algo to be actually good … o boy
there wre like 10000 clones and 1:1 copies of it subited …
I was joking back then (talking to myself … as I don’t talk to other people really …) that you need to pass “the wall of python-algo clones” to get to the serious game.

It is something similar now in season 7 … as the top performing algo for a while had an easy to copy design.

That said, my best experience in Terminal was when I was playin with a team, and sharing ideas tools and peaces of code.

If done right, sharing some ideas, concepts can be done, without flooding the platform with duplicated algos.

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I think it would be cool to grow out the Global side of things to a more community driven type of thing, we could have a discord, freely share code. Sure in the begining some people will probably just upload the code someone else made, but that code would be avilable to everyone, and could be used for direct testing against. So i think most clones to 1:1, well litterally just uploading someone elses algo would fall of quickly. In that case. Like with no money on the line (aside from the smaller kick off events going forward). I think it would lead to a more dynamic algo enviroment, forcing people to inovate more. I guess that’s my opnion on it.

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I would not vote against it. I mean sharing a complete algo is not what I thought of in the first place, but sharing components like a turn simulator could be very useful.

I mean in the situation I’m thinking you wouldn’t be compelled to share code, obviously you could choose not to, IDK i guess as fan of FOSS, I feel sharing code can bring great value to the community as a whole. I guess the main question is since the Global Comp is now deprioritized and no longer related to monetary rewards, if C1 would just be more lax in their code sharing policies, since previously from what i can tell they have been fairly strict.

One concern from the c1side is probably, that open souce code could also be used in their live competitions, which is not something they want.

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That makes sense.

This is the main concern with people sharing code. We have pretty large prize pools for our live events, and if there are good, generic pieces of code that are easily accessible online, there is a 100% chance that some people will get an unfair advantage using them. So as it stands, we will have to take whatever steps we can to prevent this.